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  1. Been doing this workout every day for 30 days now. Wanted to check in and share my progress (and say thanks for the content because it's thanks to Bully that this workout keeps me engaged and motivated day in, day out).

    Some exercises felt impossible on day 1, things like side planks, flutter kicks, push ups even – I could barely do 7 or 8. I struggled big time to keep up and had to back off or stop altogether during the last couple of sets of jumping jacks and jump ropes for most of my first week. By the end of the 20 mins I was totally wiped out.

    After 30 days I'm able to keep the intensity way up through the entire 20 mins, I do 16-17 push ups in the 30 seconds, and I'm finally able to hold side planks on both sides. I feel like I'm ready to move on to the 30 minute workout as this is beginning to feel more like a warmup than the 20 mins of hell it felt like a month ago.

    I'm definitely stronger, I have much more stamina, and I'm gaining some muscle tone and definition in my upper body. I still have a little paunch around my lower belly that I'm trying to shift, I know this isn't going to happen overnight or even in 6-8 weeks but I'm happy that if I keep going it'll be gone soon. I wouldn't say I'm overweight I'm just a little 'dad-bod' like around my middle so my goal is really to re-shape that area. I think I'll be supplementing my workouts going forward with some ab-focused stuff.

    My mindset is totally changed and the thing I'm most proud of is committing to showing up every single day no matter how much I don't feel like it. After 30 days this is now a habit I will find super easy to keep and I think this is the beginning of a beautiful new journey and relationship with exercise. I took stock yesterday of what 30 days of this workout adds up to, based on roughly what I put in to each 20 minutes and being able to see what I've done in a month is awesome.

    Over 30 days, I've done a total of:

    JUMPING JACKS – 1 hour 45 mins
    STEAM ENGINES – 30 mins
    SQUATS – 1,350
    BURPEES – 360
    SUPERMANS – 15 mins
    PLANK – 30 mins
    JUMP ROPES – 1 hour 15 mins
    CALF RAISES – 15 mins
    ARM CIRCLES – 30 mins
    ANKLE TAPS – 30 mins
    GLUTE BRIDGES – 30 mins
    PUSH UPS – 450
    TOE TOUCHES – 30 mins
    SIDE PLANKS – 30 mins
    RAISE THE ROOF – 15 mins
    FLUTTER KICKS – 15 mins

    All you have to do each day is show up! Don't forget to stretch thoroughly before and after (especially those calves, sheesh this workout makes your calves ache) and eat well to fuel your workout. In a couple of days I'll be switching to the 30 minute version so see you in the comments over there. Any questions just hit me up here I'll see the notifications!

  2. I did pretty good on my first attempt. I did take a couple extra breaks, but I still think I didn't do terrible and way better than I thought I would.

    Through out my childhood I was a weak little twig crybaby, but my job throughout adulthood has had a lot of manual labor. I'm always too hard on myself. I generally think I'm still that little twig, but sometimes I realize that I'm probably alot stronger now than I was a decade ago. I think it has kind of turned into a drive to continue pushing myself and prove to myself I'm not that scared little kid anymore.

  3. Can anyone help me out?I'm a beginner & I can't even do 5 reps of pushups.I made a list of how many regular pushups,Incline pushups, decline pushups should I do but every bit of my energy goes into doing that 5 reps of pushups.after that it's hard to even do 1 regular pushups.How am I supposed to increase my pushups?

  4. adter suicidal thoughts, i decided to work on my body, after watching vidoes ofworkouts il try this 20 minute workout backing it up by an 1 muscle exercise and before training i will eat sometihng neutrious to build up muscle mass, tomorow il try it out and if it works i will work ou after work the next week fully, i hope school wont bother my workout until then, cause im studying for an job and the school i need is every week. and i really try to workout cause im not heavy for my age 83kg, and 18 years old. and i try to turn the fat into an muscle and i hope i can do it

  5. I haven’t worked out in over 5 or 6 years and I’m like 23 I smoke a lot too 🤣 I did this for 1 min. And my lungs was started wheezing head started sweating and I thought I was fuckin donnnee but I pushed thru like I use too and made it too the end 😤😤😤😤

  6. I'm 25 yrs old and just finished this workout, man i would say for a person who's never workout for a long time it's like killing yourself especially your lungs because when the jumping jacks and jump ropes comes in all you want to do is rest the whole time, who's with me? LOL 😂😂

  7. I'm currently 5' 8" and 217 pounds. This is my second video and I'm determined to do it everyday to reach my normal/ ideal weight of 165 pounds.
    Was very skinny many years ago and eat my way to obesity. Taking my diet very seriously now!

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