20 Minute Evening Yoga Flow | Daily Routine To Relax & Unwind

This is a 20 full body aimed to relax your body and calm your mind at the end…


50 thoughts on “20 Minute Evening Yoga Flow | Daily Routine To Relax & Unwind

  1. I hope you enjoy this evening wind down flow! 🌙 It pairs well with the 20 min morning sequence from last week. What do you guys think about the length? Do you prefer shorter or longer classes? 💗

  2. @Jessica: Your yoga classes are my daily start and end of the day. I love them! Because I truly appreciate that you are sharing this with everyone for free, I am trying to donate but for some reason both Paypal and Creditcard keep failing. Any ideas how I can still contribute?

  3. I had the most trouble with putting my legs behind my back because I'm overweight, but
    Namaste! this has left me feeling refreshed and ready to rest THANK YOU!

  4. i love your way of doing and teaching yoga, it really suits me and i am feeling inspired to return to a regular practice after too long off the mat…the few sessions ive done have eased me back into it without too much pain…thankyou!!!

  5. Thanks for a lovely class. I’ve done a few of yours now and especially love your pace and calming voice. One thing though I’d love if we stayed in sivasana together till the end, I find it’s much more integrative than having to pause the video and go back to it. Just a thought 🙂

  6. my cat also entered the room while i did this flow. the difference? he grabbed the edge of the mat and kicked it with his back legs as hard as he could. at the end, i told him "namaste" and i meant that shit.

    thanks for the video — calmed me down, even through that

  7. this is so so beautiful, i did this the first time today and i feel like i can really end the day in a happy mood. thank you so much for sharing and by the way, i love your voice <3

  8. Very good class. I remember when I could do shoulder stand without difficulty. My core is strong and I still need some inertia to get my hips up and hold lower back in my hands. All I can do these days is legs upright. I used to do it without difficulty as well as plough. The struggle is real. I have done this class several times. Thank you.

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