20 Min INTENSE GLUTE WORKOUT at Home with Resistance Band

Hi everyone and welcome. So today we have a great focused workout. All you will need is your mat, obviously, a band of some sort and also a chair for hip thrusts. So basically the timer is going to be on 25 seconds of work.

Five second rest: the whole duration. We’re, going to be on the mat first of all for about eight or nine minutes, or so we’ll, be doing our sort of glute bridges. What i would say think about those knees going out the entire time whether you’re, coming up or down, staying low staying high knees are out, especially when you’re coming up and down.

Then we’re on to our chair. You’re, going to need a chair just to sit on for your hip thrust, so the top of your will be resting on the chair for your hip thrust and again think about hips high knees out.

That is really important if you want to get as much done in this workout as possible. This should be really challenging everyone, so i mean you should be hopefully taking a little bit of a break. You’ll.

See me definitely struggle. I will be aiming for those knees out the entire time as best i can. Then we finish with some standing squats so again, knees out get those knees out. Keep the up. Push the bum back, you’ll, see my squats are going to be very slow.

It’s because i’m, really pushing my knees out as far as i possibly can. So i’m, definitely going to make it as hard as i possibly can. You will see me struggle if i do take a break. Please carry on as you would normally um and take your breaks as and when you need it, you will get a five second break in between everything.

So, yes simply follow along what i would say, as well with this, in between every single exercise is an up and down motion. So with the glute bridges in between every exercise, you’ll, go into 20 seconds up and down knees out, hips high.

Then we go on to our hip thrusts. Every other exercise is going to be up and down knees out, hips high. When we come to the squat again, every every other exercise is going to be squats up and down feet.

Normal position, maybe slightly out with the toes and then the knees are coming out the whole way up and down. When you go up and when you come down, you’re, pushing those knees out. If you don’t it’s, going to be very simple and you’ll just be doing bodyweight squats.

This is not about that. This is about engaging all around the okay. So basically you’re. Trying to get the knees out, hips high, think about that the entire time so yeah. I hope you really enjoy this workout it’s about 20 minutes.

You will need, of course, your band, a chair and a mat.



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