20 MIN HOME HIIT WORKOUT // No equipment, no noise, no impact

A no , no , no impact 20 minute fat burning HIIT you can do anywhere and…


41 thoughts on “20 MIN HOME HIIT WORKOUT // No equipment, no noise, no impact

  1. Hey my friends! The music changes in the middle of this video for 2 minutes so that I could take out all of the adverts that the music labels inserted into my video, so that you could follow it without interruptions! That’s also why you won’t hear the countdown timers for 2 minutes but it means you get to follow without any ads! ♥️

  2. I had to make changes due to space, I cant do the saw knees so I did high knees twice, and did surrenders and curtsy lunges instead of the plank/table walk. I also added a 10 lb (.71 Stone) clubbell for the halo slam.
    Intense, and added to my routine

  3. You are awesome I di hit and tabata once a week and lost a dress size I also do Pilates you look good one question we’re do you download your music from keep going

  4. Love this work out! My only issue is that I’m not sure what I’m supposed to feel getting worked with the second move (like the lumberjack slam to the ground). Should I feel it in my legs or back? I’m worried I’m doing it wrong and not getting the proper workout. Any advice would help, thanks!

  5. when it got to 13 mins.. my heart and body stopped functioning.. i'll finish this later… or else imma be in a morgue… 10/10 would recommend.. kinda dont like you right now… we'll see how i feel after a week or 2

  6. Its a really good workout and the video has a perfect format. I did it the for the first time, and it was challenging. Next day I am a bit sore, so I know the workout worked. Thanks Natacha!

  7. Day 1: ok I started this at night cos that's when I bloat and get rlly insecure but I'm gonna try to start in the mornings – only got thru the first two exercises before giving up cos I'm legit having a breakdown but will do this in the morning!!! Using this comment to motivate myself 😊😊

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