20 MIN GLUTE ISOLATION WORKOUT // Activation [Ankle Weights Optional]

20 minute requiring bodyweight only or for added…


44 thoughts on “20 MIN GLUTE ISOLATION WORKOUT // Activation [Ankle Weights Optional]

  1. Fire burnin, fire burnin in my booty!!! I did this as the optional add on to day 31 of epic heat and let's just say I have never felt a burn so good ❤️❤️

  2. I started this workout with 2 kg ankle weights thinking I could make it until the end.
    I had to change to 1 kg and then my legs without weights.
    I'm going to keep trying.

  3. I tried doing this I could only do half way 😭😭

    Edit: I tried this a second time I finished it all the way through!! I'm going to keep doing it

  4. Need to add this to my glute playlist. I've only been using my ankle weights wrapped around the ends of my dumbbells to make them heavier. Still struggling to get ahold of dumbbells. At least now I have a use for them other than that 😂

  5. This is brilliant, a really good alternative to dumbbells for weight. I really felt the burn in the right places !! Very challenging but will be a go to routine on the days I don’t run or cycle. Caroline is brilliant, so unique …..a mighty lady 👏🏻👏🏻
    I usually don’t look forward to lower body training, I plank a lot , run so I’m already lean. Weights made my legs bigger than I suited. Ankle weights will replace my lower body toning for a while.

  6. That was the best ankle weight workout I have ever done! I started out with my 10 lb ankle weights and had to switch to my 5 lb a quarter of the way through. Please make more videos like this! Please please!

  7. I begin the videos, because I want to get fit,
    I fight until the end, because of the playlist and
    I stay, because I can't move anymore.

    I sometimes miss the information if you have your (moving or standing leg) knee straight or slightly bend. For example when you do the circles or side raises.

  8. I have no words enough to describe you how much you are helping my during the quarantine. Thank you so much, you do an amazing job <3

  9. Whoaaa! My booty muscles are scorched! Girl, you are next level! Like seriously, where have you been all my life? I've been on my fitness journey for about 5 years now. (add in having my 3rd baby.. a hysterectomy and a back injury) Still sticking it out through all of it and YOU are just what I need to up my game. Thank yoouuuuu!!!

  10. I have NEVER done better glute workout!!! I am always searching for exercises which COMPLETELY target 🍑 and I have finally found THE one!!! My booty is D Y I N G. I LOVE IT! 💖

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