20 MIN GLUTE FOCUS HIIT WORKOUT (no equipment, no jumping, no noise)

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32 thoughts on “20 MIN GLUTE FOCUS HIIT WORKOUT (no equipment, no jumping, no noise)

  1. Will this target just my glutes, every work out i've ever done for my glutes hasn't grown them one bit, i didn't feel anything in them at all i only ever fee it in my legs and only my legs have been growing. im hoping this actually grows my glutes and not my legs. i definitely eat enough because sometimes ill binge eat without meaning to. Edit: i only feel it in my legs after the workout so idk if i did it wrong or maybe im not supposed to feel anything in my glutes after but i dont feel anything in my glutes.

  2. I don't think im doing the side pivots right because im not feeling any burn ect? Can someone tell me how to do it properly and where i should feel the pain? Thank-you!

  3. Wanted to say thanks for workout 😉The feeling after ive done it, was the best. Rarely i feel so good after workouts- this is what i needed- hiit workouts are much better at least for me.

  4. I saw a lot of butt workouts, hundreds of them, and i saw many people have their fitness page full of workouts and i used to follow them a lil, but when i saw your page and how u show us the exercises and everything since then i never see other people's videos, i always do my exercises looking at your video, you are the best out of all!!!! Reallyyyyyy!! Keep on going never stop doing your workouts and videos pleasee❤

  5. Honestly the worst home workout I’ve seen on YouTube. No offense but squeezing your buttcheecks really hard 30 exercises in a row isn’t going to help muscles grow

  6. Thank you. Wishing for some safe for knees glute workouts for those of us that can’t be on our kneecap contusions I can’t find ways around these from anyone’s workouts not just this one help 😇 can’t jump and can’t do yoga or be on my right kneecap :/

  7. WOW! Great workout, instant mood boost!
    Your personality shines through- I love the giggles and hard breathing. Your Authenticity is beautiful. Thank you,

    I will be back for sure 💓👏🏻

  8. Definitely one of the strangers exercise moves I've ever done but i have worked up a huge sweat so it's not bad. Could somebody tell me how many calories they've burnt after this exercise?

  9. I like that you go to the point without trying to be funny and doing weird things or exaggerating your expressions.
    I'd love to see an exercise for upper legs,
    Thank you!

  10. Added a little punch to that twisting move because it reminded me of kickboxing. Also, I loved that I didn't even need a kettlebell to do that one exercise and I still really felt it!

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