20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT With Weights (At Home Strength)

20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT With Weights (At Home Strength)

Hey guys welcome to another full body workout today’s. Workout is at full body strength, workout, it’s. 20 minutes long. We’re, going to be doing two rounds of ten minutes for today’s. Workout, you will need some weights today.

I’m using a heavier set and the leg set just to keep it simple. I’m using a set of ten pound dumbbells and a set of five pound dumbbells, but you use whatever you have access to at home, whether that’s household items, whatever you have access to and whatever suits your strength levels.

So the way that this workout is structured is each exercise is going to be 45 seconds on 15 seconds off, except for the last exercise. We’re, going to do 30 seconds on and then we’ll. Take a 30-second rest before heading into the second round, so I think that’s, it make sure you have a little bit of space around you and a soft surface below you.

Make sure that you can see your screen, so you can follow along with me and without further ado, let’s, get to it all right guys. I’m first starting off with my ten pound dumbbell and I’m. Going to do a studio squat with a bicep curl at the top, so we’ll in the dumbbell like so point down.

Is your sumo squat up and curl make sure you sit into that squat and you keep those elbows nice and tucked as you do your curl , ,, okay, all right! Okay on my lighter weights! Next and we’re.

Doing a reverse lunge and at the bottom of the bunch we’re, doing a side shoulder raise so notice. My arms are directly up the side just slightly and finally protect those shoulders come up, switch great, make sure your knee is not going over.

Your toes push through that fuel on the supporting leg to stand up those glutes, ,, ,, , yeah. All right hold on to these lighter weights go to the ground. Then you’re, going to do a and at the top of your , you’re, going to do a tricep extension so holding the dumbbell leg.

So, as you press up, triceps xstat arms extend and you’re, going to pull those elbows in the same position. Squeeze those glutes at the top. Your elbow should not be moving just your forearms squeeze those triceps as you extend , or on your knees, and then you’re gonna pop up from your push-up and bring your knees in one.

Each leg come down to the push-up pop it up bring those knees in make sure you’re, keeping those knees down and bring those knees and, as close as you can to your chest, , , good, our I’m grabbing, my Trent Conway.

Next, we’re, going to do 45 seconds on each side where to start is tabletop position using one arm. You’re going to move out through here. Squeeze that back anytime. You need to tuck those toes under pop up into position: , make sure my core is nice and tight.

[ , ] Armstrong head don ‘ T worry about that. Bro really control , ,, these pores on the way down a beat, hesitant to drop those knees are really not worth it to engage that core [ , ] yeah.

Alright, you jump out what’s up. Christie never brings to do holding your dumbbells, narrow, squat, bring it down for that little step back here we go dr. Scott and it over jános of the closer ocean and cross.

We look through the computation make sure to keep that head in line with your body as you’re doing the deadlift [ , ] good. We’re pulling onto these weights or up to you, use your lighter weights for this exercise.

You’re, going to do a side, lunge drop it down. Keep that chest nice and lifted push yourself back up to Center. As you push up shoulder press – and here we go 45 seconds on one leg – legs in control.

We’re gonna really have to push through that heel on that supporting leg, use that glute keep that core nice and tight , okay drop those weights 15 second rest, and we’re going to do it sighs.

I’ll, make sure you’re needing that one over your toes here press through that supporting leg and nice strong arms make sure you’re, sending those booties back. Those are going down into that lunch. It’s, not where you’re using your glute to press yourself up not putting as much pressure on your meat, , good.

We have a 15 second rest here. Not! This is our last 30 seconds of this first round. You’re gonna. Do it a side swap so jump it to the side into a squat, lift that leg to the side, jump left, jump, left, ,, make sure your coming down just squat full spot every time.

,, good 30-second rest – that was our first round. We’re gonna repeat all that again, starting with our sumo squats into curls, so grab one dumbbell make sure it’s, ready to go or 20 more seconds here.

, oops. I slept eating like crazy. I have no, I seen my apartment right now and it is like 30 plus degrees Celsius outside. So we’re, getting a good spot on today, zero spot for you. After all, so it’s deep into that squat fit into those heels.

We know who’s at the top [ , ] , ,, good drop back in your weight. If you wrap your legs weights next up, we’re, doing our reverse lunge, with our side lateral raise. Here, we go ,! Thank you really, leaning back back as we bring your arms up.

Don’t just go and move in here make sure you’re feeling it every step of the way press through that heel of the sand up keep that core engaged [ , ] good. Alright, my marriage was a tricep extension [.

, ] [ , ]. So, as you come up, it’s dead, make sure your expanding those arms all the ways you really feel it in those triceps ,, , sit into those heels squeeze those few more seconds guys every weights.

Aside going into our push-ups into our two knees to chest and mountain climb, the knees try to make everything smooth one movement as you come up from your push-up knee, comes to your chest. Right away.

All right grab me one of our heavier weights, my about here, and you make a back row into our bear extension nature that mark it is right with all the shoulder. As you extend that arm squeeze that court.

I move as one unit , [ , ]. That way, if you think the other side, don’t forget about this back row that you’re, squeezing that back , ,, ,. Probably our other demo here and we’re just going to our narrow, squats deadlifts, make sure you’re, sending those hips back.

We’ll, be using those glutes to stand up, keep the head neck back all in one line. As you’re doing this level section touch: ,, ,, good, alright, next up to their side, lunges their overhead shoulder press, ,, nice engine rolls jerseys so sitting down into that heel press through bring it up don’t over extend the elbows at the top on the shoulder press here and also control those dumbbells.

When you’re, bringing them down right here, , ,, we’re, never left! We’re. Almost there guys , ,, , ,, ,, ,, , good drop those weights getting ready for 30 seconds back squat jump which arm leg lifts.

Here we go last 30 seconds, ,. Another big guys great job. I hope you enjoyed it. This 20 minute weighted full-body strength workout if you enjoyed this style. Let me know by giving this video a thumbs up, leaving your feedback down below and if you’re new here to make sure that you hit that subscribe.

Button turn on your post notifications. So you don’t miss another workout from me, and I’ll, see you guys very soon. Bye, ,

34 thoughts on “20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT With Weights (At Home Strength)

  1. Happy Saturday! ❤️ Hope you guys enjoyed this 20 min full body workout! Would you like to see more of this style? Let me know down below! Xx- Maddie

  2. Hi Maddie, I'm new to your channel, love the work outs, just did this one and it was great. Ill be trying all the other work outs. Your delivery is brilliant, no fuss, easy to follow effective workouts. Thanks so much, Lena

  3. Fantastic Maddie, love these style of workouts. Have you considered making little playlists – combining 2 or 3 of the shorter routines? Anyway these workouts have kept me going through a pandemic and now I'm finding it hard to go back to the gym! Working out at home is the best thanks to you

  4. Repeated 4x. Loved it. The row with elevated twist was my least favorite but I did it anyway. The pushups after the skull crusher mix created a burn in triceps 🙂

  5. Such an amazing workout, my favourite one of yours I think! Exactly the right place between challenging, especially for the arms and doable (especially because you can alter the weight used!!)

  6. Cheers for the advert during the last exercise. Not. Move it to the end or midway through the routine as it repeats. I don't mind an advert if it's not in a stupid place.

  7. I always love your workouts, Maddie. This one really made me work hard, but was not over-the-top difficult. Thank you for all of your excellent workouts, and for your guidance through each one to ensure we do them safely.

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