20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela Reif

NO EXCUSES ♥︎ a that can do whenever and wherever you like. // Werbung …


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  1. I don’t mind that there aren’t rests in between the exercises, but going from exercise to exercise as if we know the program off the top of our heads is rather frustrating as by the time I realize what the next move is and get to it, there’s already half the exercise done. Would be nice if you included a “coming up / next” box so we knew what would be happening next if you weren’t going to give us an opportunity to get into that position for even 5 seconds.

    Stopped my workout to rant about that because I don’t feel like I’m getting the most out of it because of this layout.

  2. Is this dangerous?
    Since while I was doing it, something very weird happened, I heard a LARGE SIGH come out of my lungs, I didn't even do that on purpose then my heart hurt, it lasted a second or something, I thought I searched "for beginners" ?

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  4. *̩̩̥͙ •̩̩͙-ˏˋ⋆ Hey there you!⋆ˊˎ-•̩̩͙ *̩̩̥͙ (˶′◡‵˶)
    First of all, whether you’re visiting this workout video to get inspired or do some exercise! Welcome!

    I’m here to share some tips for young girls like me who are struggling to see results with their exercise goals.

    First of all, (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ GOOD JOB ♥ for embarking on a fitness journey. I know how hard it is to get motivated when you’re not feeling amazing about yourself.. (╯︵╰,)

    BUT!! I’m here to help you through it so we can do it together! (ᵔᴥᵔ)

    If you’ve been working out consistently for a while and you feel stronger, but can’t see results, that’s A OK! I too have been there, and I get how frustrating it is. (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧

    You may have heard that getting fit and healthy is 80% diet and 20% exercise, I won’t lie, I completely thought that this was fake news. Buuut, after a visit to a dietician, turns out its true!

    While you may be getting lots stronger, you may not see your muscles because you haven’t made a change in your diet. This basically means that while your muscle content is increasing, your fat content is still hiding your beach bod. How sad! (•ˋ _ ˊ•)

    If you want to change this, you have to make a change in your diet, as well as maintaining your regular exercise. I know, I know! It must seem so tedious and time-consuming, but it’s all worth it. So, how the heck to you do that?! (⑉´•˶˶̫˶ •`⑉)

    While the nitty gritty info on this might help you understand better, the instructions to improving your diet are pretty simple. And NO, you don’t have to cut out your favourite snacks and treats. They can stay! (〃^▽^〃)

    The simple solution to improving your diet and lowering your body fat percentage is to switch out your less healthy meals and snacks for healthier alternatives.

    For example, instead of eating pizza every night, you might want to eat something like grilled salmon, grilled chicken, leafy greens, legumes, grains, or any other unprocessed food you can find. General rule of thumb is, the less processed, the better. ヾ(⁍̴̆◡⁍̴̆。)ノ

    This is because highly processed foods tend to be high in calories and low in good nutritional value, when a food is processed, it loses it’s natural benefits. Processed foods also tend to include a plethora of oils, fast-release sugars, and lots and lots of salt.

    They also release all of their energy in one go, meaning they keep you filled in the short term, but you get hungry quicker, resulting in you eating more. On the contrary, more natural foods like veggies and grains are slow release, meaning they keep you full for longer and contain less unnecessary calories, salts, sugars, and fats. (♡⸃ ◡ ⸂♡)

    So, some examples of how you can switch this out include switching a bag of chips for some peanut butter and celery, a piece of fruit, or some veggies like a carrot. Simple!

    For meals, convenience really isn’t an issue. Some easy (and healthy) meals include salads, quinoa and grilled chicken/salmon, some eggs, falafels, couscous, miso soup and rice or any other soup, etc. The list goes on! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

    Don’t forget to stick to a routine when working out and hitting a quota of around 75 minutes high intensity exercise (like a workout video) or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week in sessions of 20-30 minutes per day is a sure-fire way to stay healthy! (⭑•͈ 𓎟 •͈ )

    Also make sure to balance your exercise out in groups like abs, legs, and arms. My routine is:
    Monday: abs
    Tuesday: full-body
    Wednesday: break
    Thursday: legs
    Friday: full-body
    Saturday: break
    Sunday: break
    (20-30 minute sessions each, 25mins avg)

    Also make sure you’re drinking lots of water and practicing intuitive eating, which basically means only eat when you’re hungry, and listen to your body because it will tell you when you’ve had enough food at each meal. (。・ω・。)

    I hope this helps you all improve your health and figure, and remember to do this for nobody but yourself! Stay motivated, all your hard work WILL pay off, but you can’t give up!!

    Some health websites you might like to check out:






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