Sports and other physical activities have various health benefits; it slows down the aging process, improves stamina, increases metabolism, gives you better sleep, your brain starts working faster! Sports can also help prevent weight gain and have positive effects on mental health by reducing depression and improving cognitive function. In this video, you will find helpful tips on how to avoid common mistakes. Remember that the wrong technique may lead to the risk of injury. Watch the video and learn the correct way to perform crunches, plank, and squats. Did you know that the plank is a super effective workout for the whole body? Here are the main benefits: build core strength, reduces back pain, gives better posture, improves balance. Moreover, plank helps to build a perfect belly. Perform the plank daily and the result will be perfect!
Check handy tricks to make your workouts more comfortable:
– Make perfect socks for yoga using a hot glue gun
– Hand sanitizer will help you to get rid of sweat odor
– Turn an old sock into armband to hold your phone during workouts
– Store your sneakers in a shower cap to keep a bag clean
– Check out how to make no-sew yoga strap from hair ties. It will keep your mat rolled
– Roll your athletic wear to save place in a bag
– Attach keys to shoelaces when you go running or go to the gym. Otherwise, your keys may fall out of your pocket
– If you need to track your water intake, mark a clear bottle with a line with time when you should drink
– Put shampoo and shower gel into contact lens cases for space saving
– Stick panty liners to your top to avoid embarrassing sweat stains

00:09 Workout mistakes
03:55 Handy fitness hacks
04:42 A strap for a yoga mat
07:34 Water balance trick
10:55 Correct plank technique

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