2 Weeks Slim Waist Transformation: How to get a Small, Slim Waist Naturally

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49 thoughts on “2 Weeks Slim Waist Transformation: How to get a Small, Slim Waist Naturally

  1. if i do one rep of flutter kicks how do i know its one? like is it right up left down then left up right down, then thats one? or is that two?

  2. Hey man, it would mean a lot to me if you could help me. I’m having no getting in shape but I know I need to eat to build muscle on my chest. I have abs now but I’m getting really thick set in the body and it’s not what I’m aiming for as a build. I want to be skinny with abs and a solid chest. How do I slim myself down?

  3. after two weeks and have seen results, I have a question tho, how do I maintain my slim waist do I just keep doing the exercises or…….. something else Nathen Mixon major fan btw

  4. Hey could u tell me how I could loose my fat. I work out alotand myfirst two abs are pretty visible. My lower abdomen just has a little fat. But the main problem army waists. I did alot of waists exercise and I think those were meant for girls cuz they made mine broader and there is some a bit fat on my wait to the back of my body. But because of mybroaderwait it looks like alot fromthe from iam pretty good. But my waists show that need improvement but from the back I look like a sloppy guy. I have a good muscular back but towards the back of my lower abs there is some fat. I would like to know how I could have a slim waist. Cuz when I press my waists it isnt fat I can feel the bone. So when people see it looks like fat but it ain't. I can only loose that much at there I would like to know how I could make it slim and for my lower back the part behind my lower abs I would like to know how to loose fat thank you

  5. Why do my stomach hurt so bad after day 1 of doing this should I still keep working out like every time I do a sit up or a exercise I feel pain in my stomach why?

  6. Great video man, I’m excited to try this workout so much that I’m going to another workout today cause I wanna try this out!!!! Thanks man I’ll keep in with updates

  7. I am going to give it a go ….l currently working through stiff shoulder issues…..but l cant allow that from stopping me …. just now beginning getting pass knee issues and plantar fasciitis …. no matter…. l got to do what l got to do …Thank you for the video. God bless 😁💞🌱

  8. I've been doing this for four months now, on top of running, I went from a 300ibs! I know 😔 how did I let myself get to that shape? But anyway I went from 300ibs to 250ibs. I tried my best but around 2 months I noticed little progress, so I had to up the reps.

  9. Hello mixon, just want to know these exercise are for reducing the waist size as in other channel same exercise shown for abs workout. I really want reduce my waist in 15 days please help me out

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