2 in 1 ABS AND BOOTY No Equipment Home Workout (20 min)

A 20 minute at home workout to tone your belly and round your ! Entirely equipment…


39 thoughts on “2 in 1 ABS AND BOOTY No Equipment Home Workout (20 min)

  1. I LOVE these workouts! Every exercise is FUN…it makes me want to do more. I'd love to try one that is 10 mins cardio/fat burn and 20 mins targetting like this-abs, booty, legs, arms etc. Thanks for your creativity! x

  2. I recently turned 50, and have been in good shape all my life until Covid hit. I don't even recognize my body anymore! Sad. Of course having 2 kids and hormones hitting might be contributing to the extra belly fat. This workout was PERFECT for what I needed to get me started again for the Spring and start working up my confidence level again. Thank you so much for this contribution towards my personal growth!! <3

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  4. your workouts are amazing. they just fit me and what i like to do really well! You also do some things that ive never seen before and LOVE. So thank you for these videos, they're really amazing!!

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