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This is the last time version of this type O video I should have to do.
I dont mind advising, and what not, but do keep in mind I have not done any penis enlargement exercises for two years now.

Feel free to share this video, You all asked for this so here it is, I hope this helps you more, if this can get to 50,000 likes I will see about putting up more on this, maybe girth related? I have a comments box, tell em what you want.

Remember, never accept your limitations, and never think your stuck with the size your born with,

This video is just my personal proof that this is not the case, Enjoy the simple penis enlargement exercise showing you for FREE how add a half inch of length to your erect penis size,

and for all the nay sayers I put flaccid and erect proof of size and my progress in the video to prove i am 8 inches flaccid and erect. You will find as you use this your dick will get stretchy like mine, and you (if your a grower) will become a shower,

which is to say, once your flaccid length is longer then your original erect length, your erect length will be longer. Yes your erect penis size will always be at least as long as your flaccid size and you will see flaccid gains first.

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