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39 thoughts on “15 MIN SIXPACK WORKOUT (No Equipment)

  1. I like this format for abs— no breaks so it keeps the core engaged. The new videos have 30-second rests and I don’t feel that it’s as effective. BUT still fun either way!!

  2. I've been doing Madfit daily for six months. I'm 55 years old, and went from 148 lbs (gained 20 lbs during Covid) to my original 126 lbs. Love being toned and seeing my six pack. This is one of the most intense workouts yet. I've been working my way from most present videos toward the two year videos. Love them! Thanks Maddie!

  3. Wow I do quite a lot of ab workouts but this is really intense! It's the day after I did this video and my abs are at the level where I can't laugh too much and sneezing hurts😅 I'll definitely be coming back for more. Also liked the variety and creativity of the moves here.

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