15 Min GLUTES and HAMSTRINGS WORKOUT at Home with Dumbbells

15 minute dumbbell workout focusing on the and !

This dumbbell…


26 thoughts on “15 Min GLUTES and HAMSTRINGS WORKOUT at Home with Dumbbells

  1. Well done to everyone who joined me! Good to practise those Romanians as those are definitely one of my favourites and you will no doubt be doing more! See you in your workout! Cx

  2. just looked for this as my lower back pain has come back after WFH (started 18months ago at the age of 34 and play as a soccer goalkeeper). The single leg thrusts was killer! Will try again this week, thanks !

  3. Thank you for your expertise and your willingness to share your positive energy. Your good nature shines through. I am 65 and have adapted your workout to fit my needs. Your sparkling smile encourages me. After one work out on my upper body with my 1# weights my posture immediately responded. I adapted your glutes and hamstring workout today and I will see how I feel tomorrow 🙂 I do my yoga practice afterwards.

    Best wishes and many thanks!

  4. Incredible workout Caroline. Since you released this video last year, I've been tacking it onto the end of full body workouts and cardio intensive trainings for a little more targeted muscle work, but mainly because they're so fun! I love this workout especially. I can really feel my body moving, and using dumbbells enables me to feel the parts of my body that are weaker and those that are stronger – especially during those staggered Romanian deadlifts!
    Being in tune with my body again after experiencing a series of severe injuries has been incredibly motivating, and quite enlightening I must add, as I've gained such an appreciation for how much my body still has the capacity to do if I remain consistent at working on it. Thank You for the incredible content and inspiration! Much love from Australia!

  5. This is my new favorite lower body workout! As someone who used to hate strength training, I love this workout! The 15 minutes flew by and I had so much fun! ( Update, did the workout twice! )

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