15 Min Glute Workout for Women At Home

This at home lifting, glutes tightening workout is easy, yet challenging, which is..


34 thoughts on “15 Min Glute Workout for Women At Home

  1. Lovely Rebecca, I have been workout out watching your videos for about 7 years. . . When this pandemic started, my daughter had to work from home, and she promised herself she was going to keep working out, even though she couldn't go the the gym to workout with her personal trainer -this was about 18 months ago. I haven't seen her for this period of time, but she is coming back home this Saturday September the 18th. All these months we talk on the phone once a week, and one day she mentioned this young woman who did great workout videos, who she liked very much and because of "this young woman's" great attitude, great videos, and enthusiasm, she was getting up one hour earlier to do her workout. -this is easier said than done. . . but she has done it for 18 months. then, some time ago, I asked her, and WHO is this young woman you like so much?  
    Oh, her name is REBECCA LOUISE . . . September 12, 2021

  2. What this beautiful and lovely young lady is failing to tell you (all you other 'chubby' ladies, who wanna have a great but and body in general) about all of these exercises, is that although they're (almost )all done right, the MAIN THING is that you MUST BE ACTIVE (by doing one of them, or more likely, one after another – with very short pauses in between) for 20+ minutes, because only after the 20th minute, your body is actually starting to burn fat. So, if you do THESE exercises in 5 to 15 reps, with long pauses in between, it won't give a result, even if you workout for more than an hour. MEANING – YOU MUST BE CONSTANTLY ACTIVE (whether you do THESE exercises, or you're jogging – which is THE BEST & MOST EFFECTIVE THING for shaping your entire body – therefore, you could do them after you're done running – at least 30 minutes) for at least 25 minutes, and KNOW THAT YOU'LL BE LOSING FAT only in the last 5 minutes! THAT'S A SCIENTIFIC FACT! Thus, if you actually wanna have a great butt, or body in general, you must be constantly active (as I said, with very short breaks in between) for more than 20 minutes! After that 20th minute, each seconds counts and it's worth the effort, 'cause IT'S IN THOSE MOMENTS when you're losing fat and shaping your muscles, whether it''s but, legs, abs…
    I'm not saying her demonstration is wrong, but SHE FAILS TO MENTION THAT CRUCIAL FACT!

  3. literally loved squeezing this workout in before work. With diet, sleep, and gymra workouts I live lost 7 lbs in one month!!!! Thank you for being there with a range of workouts so I never have an excuse!!

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