15 MIN DUMBBELL GLUTE FOCUSED Workout 🔥 – Do This To Grow Your BOOTY 🍑

This is a 15 min dumbbell that targets your and hamstrings. This is…


48 thoughts on “15 MIN DUMBBELL GLUTE FOCUSED Workout 🔥 – Do This To Grow Your BOOTY 🍑

  1. What weight dumbbells do you use, I’m about 47kg and have got a set of 10lbs dumbbells. It’s my first ever time using in a workout, I’ve previously just used resistant bands xx

  2. Hey i just want to know, is it important to progressively increase the weight ? Can i just increase the number of sets or repititions instead of weight? Will it be effective ? I have dumbells but their weight is constant so i can't increase the weight in this case and i want to see progress on my glutes 🥺

  3. Just started it today and I gave up 13 minutes into the work out. I am gonna do it again tomorrow though if not the day after. Thank you for this! 🙏❤️👏

  4. is it normal for your legs to be shaking when doing these exercises or does that mean i should stop? i don’t want to over do my body but i truly wanted to get a good workout in

  5. i really likes this workout but it was very hard on my lower back (i have a weaker lower back) (and i was trying very hard to watch my posture), maybe you could do one like this but backpain friendly

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