15 MIN AB + BUTT WORKOUT // NO EQUIPMENT // Sanne Vloet w/ Sami Clarke

At Home 15 MIN AB + BUTT WORKOUT // NO EQUIPMENT, Targeted + EFFECTIVE // Sanne Vloet w/ Trainer Sami Clarke

Hey Guys,

How many friends do you have that workout or follow a fitness plan? For me when I first started working out I had my friends with me during workout classes, group exercises, and sometimes we would workout all together with our trainers! Who here has a few friends they could work out with? For 2020 I’m going to be sharing weekly workouts with you here on the channel so I was thinking you and a friend could commit to a plan for the New Year to either get in shape or stay in shape! Comment your fitness goals for 2020 and if you are going to start your wellness journey! We can all support each other!

So I’ve been spending a little time in LA and I’ve met a few inspiring girls that I think you guys are going to see a lot more on the channel starting in January! Everyone here knows Sami Clarke from my last fitness video and if you watch the vlogs you guys have seen Whitney Fransway from our trip to Coachella. Sami led us on a great Ab and Butt routine that is amazing for the core so everyone at home can follow along. Comment ☀️ if you think I need a tan, I feel so pale next to Sami and Whitney!

When it comes to the fitness content I share I want to make the videos as good as they can be! So let me know what you think, since I’m going to be sharing content more often I want to make sure that the way I film, the way I edit them, and the type of workouts are relevant to the community and everyone following along.

1. Is no equipment the best type of workout routines you’d like to see?
2. Are you guys okay with bands and basic weights (1lb or 1 kilo weights)
3. Do you like it when I invite someone to train me?
4. Would you like me to do more workouts with P. Volve?
5. What are your worries in regards to fitness and wellness?

It will be very helpful for me if you guys answer these. I want to give you guys the most amount of benefit and to do that I need your help!

If you guys liked this workout let me know, share it with your friends (& do it with your friends), and for everyone who hasn’t subscribed, hit that subscribe button and join the community! I’ll be spending sometime responding to everyone here on the channel today so ask your questions and let’s get ready for the new year!

Are you with me?



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