14 Days Weight Loss Challenge – Home Workout Routine

Are you ready to start losing weight at home in just 1 days? If so then this workout routine…


35 thoughts on “14 Days Weight Loss Challenge – Home Workout Routine

  1. I recommend this work out there in no equipment needed and I am only 5 day in and I was 85 pounds now I am 80 pound this is honestly the best thank you so much

  2. I just started this workout yesterday. And hope that it will be an effective exercise for me as a teenager, because I just want to fit my other clothes and be proud to myself. And I saw a comment that she/he is updating his journey which I would do too. (And actually I started looking for exercise from this channel since when I am still 53 kg) 🙏🏻
    Current Weight: 49.00 kg

    Target Weight: 40.00 kg

    Day 1: ☑️

    Day 2: ☑️

  3. Hi. Thank you for your video. Actually this is what I was searching. I was 56kg, after giving birth to my daughter I gained weight. Now I am dieting with healthy diet plan and doing "Walk at home 3 miles" (on youtube channel), I was 68.4 kg, now I am 66.5 kg in 7 days. My target is 55 kg. I am going to start today with this workout plan. Will let you know about results.

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