12 Minutes to Toned Abs Workout

You guys, I wasn’t lying when I said the 12 Minutes of Toned series would be INTENSE! We’re just…


42 thoughts on “12 Minutes to Toned Abs Workout

  1. Cassey I love your workouts because u allways encourage us so when I am became tired I just hear your voice then I will again start doing like I got a energy cassey u are awesome thank you so much cassey I think I can't understand how you are smiling me dying 😘😘😁😁😁

  2. Dear Future Grass,

    I DID IT! I got through this entire video with NO excessive breaks. My abs are feeling it! This was not at all easy! But I'm so proud of my abs for getting stronger and stronger! Well, no time to talk, I have 2 more ab videos left (I'm doing the calendar).


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  4. when Cassey slow criss cross tempo is your fast (idk what it is about this move, i just canΒ΄t get well coordinated in it. oh well, at least i finally learnt how not to use my hip flexors in double leg lifts)

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