12 MIN GROW YOUR BOOTY – not your thighs / Booty Activation, no squats, knee friendly I Pamela Reif

a knee friendly Activation , that doesn’t involve any squats, lunges or jumps….


48 thoughts on “12 MIN GROW YOUR BOOTY – not your thighs / Booty Activation, no squats, knee friendly I Pamela Reif

  1. If you have pain LYING ON YOUR BELLY:
    1) try putting a pillow underneath your hip, belly or boobs & see if it gets more comfortable
    2) perform those exercises in a kneeling position instead (like the fire hydrant at 2:30) 🙂

    .. because those exercises are soooo effective, try to be creative & don't just skip on them! 😇

    (I don't have big boobs so I didn't know about this problem haha – sorry!!!)

  2. What I've learned so far from this workout :
    – take the lowest booty band because it will kill you
    – apparently a (simple) bridge hold is the equivalent to the plank "rest"
    – Mambo is what you hear when you're descending into hell (but hey, maybe I'll use it in the last stretch of a race)
    – death. Utter death.
    – If you feel like dying, take one or two seconds before getting back to it : it's better to do it at 99% than to get injured and stop exercising for 6 months

    Good luck and happy peaching!

  3. I really wonder between her 10mn vs 12mn booty workout, which one is the best to get result faster? Currently, I do her 10mn workout since my resistant band that I order online not yet arrived. Please kindly sharing if you experiences or knowing much about thi. One more thing, this 12mn booty workout is kind easier than 10mn workout burn (in that video she wear blue gym clothes) or this one maybe hard with resistance band?

  4. I’m going to do this for a week and see if anything happens
    Day 1: did it twice, it was hard but a good burn
    Day 2: still burned but felt pretty easy
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  5. Thank you pam for the free trainings, thank you for getting me in shape this summer with no feee…
    You are sexy and i love ur workouts…
    Doing this in may 2021. Love to all the girls doing this 😘

  6. I've been doing this workout in combination with Daisy Keech's bubble butt workout for about 3 months now. I do Daisy Keech's workout first and then this one about three times a week. I started with an easy band and worked my way up to the difficult one. Although I don't see much of a difference in size (it may take longer), I am starting to see less cellulite and my butt has gotten noticeably rounder. I'll update in another month or two : )

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  9. Im feeling the last few exercices (like the frog exercice) in my lower back much more than in my booty. Am i doing it wrong? Is it dangerous? Help pleasee

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