An intense, cardio/strength, workout you can do at home with a couple of…


25 thoughts on “12 MIN FULL BODY FAT BURN WORKOUT (No Jumping HIIT)

  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this HIIT workout! 🔥 It’s such a great, quick routine that you can fit into your daily schedule! How did you do?? Sending love Xxx- Maddie

  2. This has become my favorite style of work out of yours. I really like the repeating sets and that it’s a mix of strength and cardio with a dumbbell. I feel like he gets such a great workout and I love the repeating sets because I feel like it really gives me a chance to practice my form. I can go a little bit longer like a 15 to 20 minute version of this would be ideal!!

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  6. I think you’re amazing! I’m sorry I don’t post messages, I love your workouts, I do them everyday, you keep it fun and fresh! Thank you for keeping it fun and of course challenging, I love your new space, but I still love your oldies.

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