11 Signs Your Love Will Last a Lifetime

Every happy couple has their own moments. These moments are usually the small things that can’t be planned in advance. It’s almost impossible to provide a “happiness” formula, but it’s much easier to draw some happy marriage moments.

When you are always ready to make sure she can sleep safely. 0:33
You can always count on him. 1:16
When her caring doesn’t compromise your manhood. 1:49
You prefer to stay in his arms even if it’s not very comfortable. 2:22
You are trying to survive these hard days together. 2:38
You take turns dealing with inconveniences. 3:05
And even when you fight, you never forget about the most important things in your life. 3:27
You have the same problems. 3:58
You never care what other people think! 4:18
You always understand each other. 4:39
And as long as you are together, you always feel young. 5:03

Happy couples hug each other often, they kiss, they touch each other while talking, they sit cheek to cheek on the couch while having a conversation, they curl around each other when they sleep, or they just gaze at the stars. And, yes, they go all the way from time to time — when it’s right for them.
Every happy couple has their own moments that help them to express their love and stay together. These moments are usually the small things that are not logical and can’t be planned in advance.

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