11 Flat Stomach Exercises At Home

Here is another workout you can do if you’re aiming to !

These routines will help…


36 thoughts on “11 Flat Stomach Exercises At Home

  1. HELLO Roberta .. I’m going to try your exercise
    How many calories will burn by doing this exercise??

    I have Double little belly
    Which exercise I wanna do from yours..
    hope you will Reply😊

  2. When i do ur excercises, i check the phone more than 2 times to know whether it is going to end, but when i heard 'congratulations ur workout is completed', i feel sorry nd wish to do more excercises… 😊😊😊😊

  3. Hii roberta your excercises are amazing realy but I need one thing the sportive musics can you give me there names they are very nice in order to push our selves to get fit and thank you

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