1000 Rep Ab Challenge | Six Pack Workout

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34 thoughts on “1000 Rep Ab Challenge | Six Pack Workout

  1. I pick this one as it has only 5 exercises. 50 times each, 4 rounds. I can easily memorize the exercises and do no matter where I go with or without my gadgets. 1st day and 2nd day (23&24/7/21) I managed to do 1 round only. 3rd day(25/7/21) I did 2 rounds. I hope one day I can do all 4 or more. Good workout.
    Waist as at 23/7/21: 41 inch

    P/S: I really appreciate if you can create a weight loss workout. I think your workout so far is the best among those that I've tried before.

  2. I seam to always end up at the oldest workouts but… that was so so good! I really love your workouts and they make my day better! I love ur channel and every little bit of each video I hope everyone runnin across the comment thinks about dong this workout!!!

  3. I know this was posted last year, but I just tried this exercise. I am sore! I will be doing this again, and it's definitely good to go at your own pace! Thanks!

  4. I am so happy I could do this workout!! Thank you! I am preparing to do the epic begginers program, but still not confident to do this… so, I am pre-begginer! rsrsr But I will do it some day 🙂 Thank you very much!!!!

  5. Hello guys I'm going to do a progress report! I'm an athlete, did netball and field hockey so I have endurance but not a strong core. Like to remind me! Day 1: ohhhhhh it burns. It burnt like hell. I've never felt a burn as intense as this. Wow! Day 2: Burns but not as much.

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