10 Minute Home Workout For 6Pack Abs + Fat Burning

Join as he does a 10 Minute Home For 6 Pack . Follow along as he does…


22 thoughts on “10 Minute Home Workout For 6Pack Abs + Fat Burning

  1. Agoge Diet really took my diet to the next level. Not only diet, but life. I can see improvements in many aspects of my life. Guys, you rock! #*Agoge Diet*

  2. C'est très bien 45 secondes …. pour les plus expérimentés ! Mais ça reste plus agréable et efficace sur des périodes de temps plus courts.
    20 secondes mouvement + 10 secondes repos.

    Merci pour vos superbes vidéos.

  3. (Jul 14,2021)
    Day 1: I didn't feel tired at all, made it to the third round. (I've done exercises for over 2 years, this is the first day back after 3 months off from the gym due to covid).
    Day 2: It was so much more intense than yesterday. I had a 5min break at half of the second round.

  4. I was drinking beer alot and I gained weight like 160lbs I've never do anything physical hard in my life but I found this video a years ago during quarantine and I lost like 25lbs now I'm at 135-137 but I did some body recomposition at gym cuz I don't wanna look skinny fat and have man boobs now I'm at 140-141lbs now I'm fit and healthy thanks to this video, fyi I've never go the gym or workout my entire life I'm gamer so doing this workout kind of helped me burn more calories than other people i think ,and my height is 5'11" and I'm Asian so I'm not considered under weight here

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