10-Minute Booty Shaping Workout

Shape your with Equinox trainer Nicole Steen. No equipment needed, just get ready to…


44 thoughts on “10-Minute Booty Shaping Workout

  1. @nicolesteenfitness Where are the leggings from?? Hard to decide if I love the workout or the outfit more (signed, the wife using the account 😉 )

  2. Hey guys. I am gonna update. Btw I am gonna do this workout with a band.
    Day 1: It was really hard and I needed rest.
    Day 2: It’s still hard
    Day 3: I already feel a litle toned
    Day 4: It burns the same as day 1.
    Day 5: Did it
    Day 6: Also did
    Day 7: I already see crazy results!
    Day 8: I am shocked with the reasults!
    I am gonna do this workout till June. Go for it guys! I am not gonna lie, it‘s hard but nothing good and beautiful is comming with easy choices. You got this!

  3. i can’t activate my glute muscles easily but this workout is a killer. i can feel every inch of my booty while doing this and i’m so happy to find a workout actually working for me. thank you 💘

  4. Had to do my pump once because I was out of breath lol aka out of shape! Didn’t know how much my muscle on my butt could cramp up but let me tell you Nicole you’re my new best friend hit that button subscribe love you hopefully after a week I won’t stop the video that much thanks best booty video I seen! Can’t wait for the results

  5. I’ve only done this workout maybe 8 times but so far amazing results… The timing is always spot on with the motivation too. 😅

  6. This is my favorite workout. When I first started I could barely make it through the whole thing. Today I did it all the way through for the first time. Don’t give up!

  7. its just the second day i'm doing this and it felt really easier and the burn didn't effect me like the first day. the motivations quotes Nicole says during the workout are amazing and helps a lot

  8. I have done soooo many 10 min bootie work outs in the past few months, but this one is the best so far. All the other may be effective, but yours is also nice to do. I like how u talk along the way and motivate us, it's really pleasent to listen to. Thank you

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