10 Min Yoga for Lazy Glutes – Beginner Glute Stretches and Glute Activation Exercises

This 10 min session offers up some (also known as…


33 thoughts on “10 Min Yoga for Lazy Glutes – Beginner Glute Stretches and Glute Activation Exercises

  1. Oh, my! I could perform the whole routine, EXCEPT for when it was time to stack my knees on top of each other. My knees were about 12 inches apart! What do I need to work on in order to release these tight muscles?

  2. Woke up with lower back pain. As a personal Trainer I had to figure it out. After assessing the hamstrings and spine and assessing my behaviour over the past 2 weeks to determine what the issue was. It is simple I have been sitting for too long studying (Lazy glutes) This video helped out a lot, the pain is nearly gone after these exercises.

  3. Omg there’s an immediate difference😭😭 I’ve been doing yoga consistently for sciatica flare up prevention, and there’s been this muscle I couldn’t pinpoint that I could tell needed to stretch but I just couldn’t get to it, apparently it’s my glutes. Soooo many hip opening exercises when I should have been worried about my butt.

  4. @5:33 & @7:15 I would hit my goal. That’s amazing. Very hard for me, woke my lazy glutes up looking forward to doing it more and checking out your hip and other videos. I want to work my ankles too. I’m so very glad I found your lazy glutes video!!

  5. Your voice really puts me at ease.
    Much appreciated video as I have manageable sciatica and any glute strengthening or back body strengthening always helps me to keep that at bay. Discovered you through PopSugar and I am definitely subscribing 💜

  6. This sequence is a game changer! I tried it a couple weeks ago and it's gotten me to get back in shape so well. Definitely adding this to my routine. Thank you Joelle!

  7. Just tried this out..really enjoyed the pace nice and easy to keep up….I'm trying this as I am not sure were my back ache is…either my glutes or thoracolumbar fascia so I'm looking to work on both …🙏

  8. I made a New Year's Resolution for increased flexibility for 2021. I found your first video on how to sit cross-legged and now discovered your other 10 minute videos. Can't wait to watch more and practice in my free time. Much appreciated Joelle.

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