10 min STANDING ABS Workout (No Equipment)

No sitting, laying down, or crunches in this . 10 minutes of work. No…


22 thoughts on “10 min STANDING ABS Workout (No Equipment)

  1. I love this workout! Did it two times and used some light hand weights to get my arms a bit too! Thanks Madi 😘 so thankful for the day I discovered your videos! 🙌🏼

  2. This is AWSOME. Twice a day for me. This is just enough, just what I need, and I know I will see results because I’m not that far off. This will just keep me active.

  3. At work, i have like 1 minute every 15 minutes while operating a certain machine where i just have to wait for it. I can do pushups there, but i was looking for a standing up ab workout becaus situps on concrete floor are not that good for… anything. thanks!

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