Follow along with this awesome home ab ! Let’s go!
You won’t need any equipment, just…



  1. Is there a more advanced level for this. I’ve been doing this for a few months as a warmup but now I don’t even feel anything despite doing more and cleaner reps each exercise

  2. This is great. I like the timer letting me know when each exercise ends and begins so I don’t need to look at the screen. I can see a difference! Do you have a beginners video for arms? I found the one for quads which is also great.👍

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  4. Very simple and straight getting started. Not too intense so I can finish the whole process with him. I can repeat one more time if needed. Awesome video. Exactly what I was looking for.

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  6. This video is so slick and professionally done. Love it. You are on another level bro. Best part for me is there is no talk. Just straight to the point. I am a busy person and often find it frustrating when you get all the unnecessary explanations about stuff. I can turn this on and get straight to it and not have to touch the video.

  7. what could i use instead of the mat? i did some exercise of these on the floor and i have pain in the sacrum .. could you recommend something please? I will do the exercises in this video you are a master to show how the movements are performed while doing abdominals .. thanks

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  9. You should put the voice of people talking before you start and end so that we follow, listen rather than watch. I see you only put music, dont we have a hard time when I practice your video.

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