10 MIN Sexy Abs Floor Routine // No Equipment + At Home Workout // Sami Clarke #FitAtHome

10 MIN Sexy // No Equipment + At Home Workout // #WithMe



43 thoughts on “10 MIN Sexy Abs Floor Routine // No Equipment + At Home Workout // Sami Clarke #FitAtHome

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  3. i’m doing this for 7 days and changing to a different workout.
    here are my updates
    day 1- wasn’t that hard just when we went into 6 minutes.
    day 2-

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  5. Doing this everyday:
    Day 1: Good workout, barely sweating, only stopped for a max of 3 seconds a few times
    Day 2: Stopped more, hurts more than yesterday
    Day 3: Harder today, just woke up so I skipped the plank ones
    Day 4: Not feeling the best today so I did a different easier workout
    Day 5: easier today
    Day 6: seeing a difference
    Day 7: Did it in the morning and evening
    Day 8: Started school yesterday so losing weight has been harder, it was hard today
    Day 9: Done ( ended up doing it twice, difference is less for some reason?)
    Day 10: Rest
    Day 11: Done, most bloated I've been since I started
    Day 12: A bit discouraged lately since I'm not seeing results, done
    Day 13: Still no results, gonna keep going
    Day 14: Done
    I've decided to stop this and do a different daisy leech workout everyday for two weeks. I'll update this if it's better

  6. if youre looking for a killer ab workout, DO THIS ONE!!! i have def seen huge results and im so confident. this is sorta hard, but as you do it, it gets easier and easier and your abs getting stronger and stronger!! GOOD LUCK XOXO!

  7. As a 14yr old female hockey player I find this workout very helpful, even if I do have to modify some of these it’s still great!! I’ve been doing it for about 2 months now and I’m seeing amazing results! Everybody reading this, I love you, and keep up the amazing work! 💕

  8. Hey everyone! I am here to confirm this workout works. I have been doing this video for the past few months now and it has done me wonders. You best believe I have that 11 line, and abs :). I havn’t been so consistent recently, so the abs aren’t there anymore. Just stay consistent and you got this!

  9. I tried doing this but then my mum came upstairs so I had to stop but I considered it a break as my arm strength is like -100000000000000000000 and I just couldn't do anything involving one arm 😅😪 but imma keep trying and see if it works 👀🙏 prays it works

  10. Omg !! Thank You Thank You Thank you for this amazing video it was just what I needed. You did an amazing job! There no talking and no directions !! Just straight to moving with music and a timer !! I loved every 10minutes of it. Thank you so much for this 😘

  11. I was looking for a quick 10 mins ab workout, and this killed me, i did it with weights, it’s a great great workout for abs.

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