10 min RESISTANCE BAND BOOTY At Home Workout (Glute Activation)

This will tone, shape, and the at home or in the gym using just…


27 thoughts on “10 min RESISTANCE BAND BOOTY At Home Workout (Glute Activation)

  1. Maddie I have to say, I’ve been following you for quite some time now and I have to say you are my favorite fitness coach and influencer. I know in these videos you don’t get to showcase much of who you are and your personality, but I can feel it. One of things I enjoy a lot is I can feel your genuine passion for fitness, and you keep such a beautiful feminine aura around you. Typically in the exercise I’ve noticed a lot of masculine women, which there is nothing wrong with that but I never resonated with the idea that exercise is a masculine thing, therefore you have to be masculine. I can feel your feminine energy and reminds me to sink into and tune into my body, instead of just being in my head thinking about pushing myself super hard, etc. Because of that I believe I get a much better work out. Thank you so much for showing up the way you have been and are Maddie, you’re a star shining brightly and it’s awesome to witness and learn from🙏🏻💖

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