10 MIN BUBBLE BUTT – Glute Bridge Burnout / no squats, no jumps, knee-friendly I with Equipment

lay down on the floor & set your on fire ♥︎ low-impact, no squats, no lunges or jumps…


38 thoughts on “10 MIN BUBBLE BUTT – Glute Bridge Burnout / no squats, no jumps, knee-friendly I with Equipment

  1. Anyone failing this:it's ok!
    Think about this: she is a gym goer. I am pretty sure she can hip thrust 60 or 70kg (or even more) and deadlift heavy load as well. She is used to this. So 10kg is a very light weight for her. If you are advanced like her, you can also achieve growth by longer time under tension, lesser or no breaks at all, even with less weight. If you are a beginner, this workout is NOT for you! You are straining yourself too much. You can increase time under tension later on when you are more experienced and you only have access to low weights. For any beginner (less than 6 month constantly working out) chose a workout with breaks. If you experience cramping during glute bridges, your hamstrings are too weak and your glutes may be to weak. If this is the case. Start slow. Otherwise you will run the risk of injury and tender points in your overworked muscles. You dont gain anything with this. If you are to weak for this, your lower back will take over …and that means you are fucked! Heavy arching is a sign for this.

    Always be cautios and listen to your body :).

  2. Half way through this workout, I started to experience pain in my lower back rather than my butt cheeks… 😭 Maybe that’s because I was using those muscles to compensate?

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    Regra 2: Contraia o bumbum sem parar
    Regra 3: Joelhos empurrados para fora
    Regra 4: Muito pesado? Faça sem o peso

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