10 MIN BAND BOOTY WORKOUT (Knee-Friendly Glute Workout, No Squats)

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Warm up (do this first) -…


26 thoughts on “10 MIN BAND BOOTY WORKOUT (Knee-Friendly Glute Workout, No Squats)

  1. I love how so far there are only thumbs up!!!! week 3 of the challenge completed! (second week was a right off cause I used a killer workout but kept active during the week. even though i walked down the stairs like an old granny! hahah it was worth it 😉

  2. I did this before I had the bands and just did with the yellow band – wow! For anyone wondering, the bands are awesome and you might think this workout is short, but I'm here to tell you it needs to be because the concentration of the exercises, with or without the band, is crazy! It will be interesting to see how I feel this time tomorrow.

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