10 Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise

Belly fat is something no one really wants to have. And if you stand with us, who have…


30 thoughts on “10 Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise

  1. How to lose weight fast for 12+

    Drink lemon and honey tea (lemon, honey, hot water)
    Choose one day of the week to go for a run or walk
    Choose 3 days of the week to do a workout
    Do things that make you feel happy, being sad doesn't help one bit
    Go on fasts 2 days a week (a fast is missing breakfast)

    I hope that helps!!

  2. Sleep to at least 7 hours a day
    Me who has really bad insomnia and takes more than 5 hours every night to go to sleep: well I'm sorry to inform you that that an't possible

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  4. Nice Information Sir ! it's very touch to lose weight till we cannot make the food and diet choices. Am following these home remedies, do workout and taking Thinner you pack of planet ayurveda for last 6 month and i lost 10 kgs of weight and feeling very happy

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