10 Best Weight Loss Diet Plans Mobile App for Android Devices

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App description:

With so many diet plans to choose from it’s hard to find a weight loss plan that’s right for you and healthy at the same time.

10 Best Weight Loss Diet Plans application includes an overview of top 10 commercial diet plans, which have stood the test of time, and are widely recognized as healthy (based on independent studies).

Application highlights:
– Overview of 10 commercial diet plans for healthy and lasting weight loss
– Video recipes for weight loss (breakfasts, dinners, snacks, smoothies…)
– Workout videos for weight loss (individual workouts and exercise plans)
– FREE gift: Simple weight loss recipes (PDF eBook)

All these diets include various foods from the major food groups (fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources…) which you will enjoy eating for a lifetime. The meals contain proper amounts of nutrients and calories, plus physical activity (exercise) is part of almost every diet plan.

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