10 AMAZING Benefits Of CHIA SEEDS | Chia Seeds For WEIGHT LOSS

may be tiny, but they are a super nutrient dense food that packs a lot of


35 thoughts on “10 AMAZING Benefits Of CHIA SEEDS | Chia Seeds For WEIGHT LOSS

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  3. Why didn't I learn about this sooner??!!! I have a rare kidney disease that makes my kidneys pull too much calcium and phosphorus from my bones. I lost my left kidney last spring so it's very important for me to eat healthy!! Thanks for the info!

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  5. I had been gluten intolerant for 25 years. Long before it became popular. I had a severe case. In the last 6 months the gluten intolerance has reversed and I can now eat gluten. The only thing I did different with my diet was add chia seed. I have 2 tbsps chia with 2 tbsp. oatmeal soaked in cashew milk for 30 minutes twice a day. I don't understand it, but the gluten intolerance is gone.

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  7. Started with kefir strawberry chia pudding for breakfast 3 days ago. 3 tablespoons of chia seeds to 6 oz of strawberry kefir. Added a 2nd serving of this on day two in between breakfast and dinner for a total of 30 grams of chia fiber a day. Don't understand why I suddenly dropped 5 pounds in only 3 days. Could it be all of the fiber? I am amazed.

  8. Chia seeds have been my friend for years! White chia is easier on the tummy for those new to the little guys. It’s advised to start slow. You could feel quite terrible jumping in with 2-3 tbls to start 😊

  9. Great video, Lacey! Yes, these little miracle seeds have come a long way since the chia pets of our childhood, lol! I like to mix chia seeds with coconut milk and top with diced strawberries and mangos. It is a great alternative to yogurt in the morning or even as a snack.

    I would love to hear more about goji berries and their benefits. Have a great day, Lacey!

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