1 Week Flat Stomach Workout (Intense!)

1 Week Flat Stomach Workout (Intense!)

Hey guys and welcome to your one week flat abdomen exercise. These workouts are going to assist to flatten your abdomen and get you these two tremendous . Should you do that each single day for one week, I am Holly dokey on a mission to make you’re feeling assured in your physique and your thoughts.

Okay, guys let’s, prepare for this intense ab exercise! We’re, going to be doing 30 seconds per train -to- for the primary transfer. All you are, going to be doing. Is not lifting one thing one leg at a time and also you wish to deliver the other arm to only contact beneath your thighs so, like I mentioned 30 seconds on this, one deliver that leg up good and managed toes pointed and ensure to exhale.

On each single crunch, nice: nicely let’s, go to the opposite facet. Identical transfer. Deliver that leg up toes pointed get the hand to return via to the thigh , , wonderful. For the following transfer.

You will. Need to preserve that leg, good and straight, and all you wish to do – is deliver your elbow to the touch the knee, so the other, elbow coming in in direction of that knee be sure to’re. Bringing your shoulder blade provided the ground and also you’re, getting as shut as potential that is.

It preserve twisting keep in mind to exhale on each crunch, , , , , wonderful. Let’s, change over to the opposite facet that leg, good and straight and produce the other elbow to the touch. The knee toes pointed wonderful job, guys 30-second relaxation and we’re gonna repeat that circuit ,, ,.

Okay, let’s, go so deliver that leg up in an inherent ability place reverse arm come round in between the thigh that is. It up and down, preserve that naval sucked into the backbone. , sir sighs reverse leg straight over up and down , ,, , ,.

Now preserve that leg straight and produce the other elbow to the touch that knee that is. It exhale inhale as you go down, actually make an effort to deliver that shoulder blade off of the ground. You wish to have interaction these obliques and the midsection of your , ,, , ,.

These vibrant work guides are the legs immediately: up and down: , ,, ,, , , 30-second break right here. Seize some water, if wanted earlier than we go into the following circuit, , , , for the following transfer.

What you are going to do? Is you are, going to have a one foot on the ground leg and all you are going to do is derive the other leg up in direction of your chest in a crunch place. So prepare and go so crunch.

It up down up down be certain that to maintain that core sucked into the backbone, and you actually wish to have interaction it. I ought to come up and down keep in mind to exhale on each crunch in preserve that foot pointed , , , on the facet straightaway up down up down , , ,.

I do know it. Birds preserve going wonderful job. Let’s. Come over now onto a plank place and we’re simply going to do some easy mountain climbers get the center fee up so simply deliver these knees in in direction of the chest.

Go a pleasant tempo right here. Maintain that navel sucked in we wish to goal the decrease , , ,. ,, now maintain good plank place, come into a large stance, simply maintain it. That is gonna actually problem your core stability.

Maintain. That title was sucked in ,, , , and to rock 30 second relaxation guys and guess what we’re, repeating that yet again , , ,, let’s, go guys so deliver that leg up in direction of the chest out and in Out and in, preserve that tummy sucked in actually crunch, as you come up, don’t let that foot contact the ground, preserve going ,, ,, wonderful job! Let’s, go to the opposite facet immediately.

Up down! Maintain that toe pointed ,, wonderful job, guys, okay, let’s come over into these mountain climbers, so run as quick as you’ll be able to preserve it going, deliver these knees up as excessive as potential in direction of the chest.

Obtained thirty seconds of this , , , wonderful job now into a large stance plank maintain it preserve that core contracted naval sucked in , , , wonderful? Let’s, relax at relaxation for 30 seconds earlier than you go into your closing workouts.

,, okay, and for the ultimate spherical, let’s. Simply do easy! Crunches legs straight! Return to fundamentals, to maintain that neighborhood sucked in exhale as you come up actually squeeze your abs, , aside from the ultimate one.

All you are gonna do is fingers below the bum and also you’re gonna open and shut your legs. Your legs are gonna hover above the ground. Don’t drop your ft. That is actually gonna burn and it is. Gon na assist to interact the obliques and people decrease abs, , , , – that is.

It preserve going. I do know this one birds and now let’s. Return to these easy crunches legs straight up and down toes pointed about that mind-muscle connection, ,, , and now let’s, return, sup closing train, fingers below bum, open and shut these legs.

There are teats seconds guys. You possibly can pull via right here , , , – that is, it high and out , , , to maintain that core sucked in and that’s it guys a nicely completed. It deliver your knees to chest, stretch out and you might be completed so in the event you like this exercise video, then be certain that to subscribe to my youtube channel.

Simply click on on the button beneath and if you’d like unique well being and health suggestions, then you should definitely head over to my web site, Holly dolkka, calm or proper now to enroll it is free now. I wish to flip it over to you, which one in all these exercises did you discover the toughest.

Was it the holder legs or was it the one leg crunch? Let me know within the feedback beneath , , ,


26 thoughts on “1 Week Flat Stomach Workout (Intense!)

  1. I never comment on videos like this because i never seem to see any difference in my body when doing them, but I have been doing this workout for 4 days now and my stomach has genuinely become flatter and I have still been eating the same as normal!! So just wanted to say thank you

  2. Guys stop scrolling and do this workout!! I‘ve never felt so comfortable and confident in my body since I can remember. Just throw on some sports clothes and get startet already

  3. Okay this is an old video and all but I really need to actually get in shape. I've been really bummed out by the shape of my stomach and waist so I've come here to try and fix that. I'll be also putting on a very slight diet so idk if it'll actually affect it or anything but just a heads up.

    I'll be coming here to update everyday, and hopefully I don't forget like some other people.

    Day one: Okay so this is day one and I just got done with it. I'm pretty out of shape since I don't exercise regularly so my abdomen rly is sore and burns as well as my legs. Ik my body will be sore tmrw lol. I can feel how much I worked out my lower abdomen so I'm very hopeful! I'll check back in on day 2 🙂


    I'm doing a workout for my thighs because hot girl summer!! but it lasts 15 days so I'm doing this for 15 days with a rest on the 7th day.

    DAY 1: hoooolllyyy cow. this girl was not lying when she said intense. but i did it and i'm so proud of myself for not quitting.

  5. Ok I’m going to do this for 10 days twice!

    I’m skinny as heck but like- 😅

    (Guys! Keep in mind you are perfection! Only do this for YOU and no one else! You’ve got this!!!)

    Btw, I’m not changing my diet, but I do suck in my stomach! It helps with core strength!

    Day 1: Late at night, in bed. First time was okay! Let’s do the second one…supposed to be revising LOL
    Starting second time:
    Did 7 minutes! Mom came upstairs-she’s gonna be mad if she found out I didn’t revise…will do extra tomorrow though! Feeling good, back hurts from crunches, not to sure on some exercises, but I’m trying.
    Gonna continue tomorrow for sure!

    🤩MeMe TiMe🤩
    My stomach when I wake up: ( .)
    My stomach after breakfast: ( . )
    Dot is belly button LOL!
    Cya tomorrow! Baiii!!

    Day 2- 6:30 AM: Okay, slightly harder. Can feel the burn! But feeling good. 🙂

  6. Just started yesterday ! Intense but short, it's perfect !
    The most difficult is the sitting crunch I guess, not because it hurts in my thigh and the pain is stopping me, not the pain in my abs on the contrary.

  7. I’m gonna comment everyday (so that I feel obligated) :). I think I’ll do this fully and then a bit of lili sabri

  8. Wow! I have completed this one week and I really seen some changes also I losed 1 KG ..Iam so happy.And iam going to continue this every day to see more changes.So stop scrolling comments and start doing this exercise guys.tq ❤

  9. Thank you for this! I just finished day 1, and I’m exhausted. I’m gonna try to continue to do it for a week. I’ll also try to remember to update this if I do.
    Day 2: I felt a little bit of pain in my stomach, but it was only noticeable at certain times. Doing the workout today, it was more painful, but easier? If that makes sense. I actually feel like this will work, so I’ll try to continue with this video.

  10. ok i’m doing this for a week (with Janekate Fitness’ flat belly challenge in 14days)
    day1: (i did this after a Janekate Fitness’ flat belly workout ) it was quite tiring. i don’t se differences so far.
    day 2: (i did this after a Janekate Fitness’ flat belly workout ) it feels less hard than yesterday. i’ve already started to see resultsssss😍

  11. Doing this workout for one week!

    1st day

    While doing the workout, I started to feel nice burn in my stomach, at the end started to sweat because I tried my very best, because I’m really trying to lose my belly fat by the summer! Updates on tommorow!

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