👃How To Minimize Large Pores • Skincare Solutions for Clogged Pores & Blackheads

Giving you a research based skincare tips for large pores, blackheads, whiteheads
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Pond’s Flawless White Day range (Niacinamide + 12HSA)

Pond’s Acne clear leave on gel (Salicylic acid + Thymo T essence)

—— R E L A T E D V I D E O S ——-

➥ https://youtu.be/LzsAxqxLB6I

👃How To Get Rid of Blackheads Without a Nose Strip : Blackhead Removal Mask
➥ https://youtu.be/mefEggrnrjY

——- M O R E B I T E S ? ——-

01. Causes of Acne
➥ https://youtu.be/MYmyfwFgsbc

02. How to get rid of acnes NATURALLY
➥ https://youtu.be/GmBlKvSfoXk

03. S.O.S Skincare Routine for Acne
➥ https://youtu.be/aeG7mdMsj0s

04. Foods to Avoid and Eat to get rid of Acne
➥ https://youtu.be/qpbZTkhlQyA

05. Skincare that worsens acne (Why Your Acne Routine Never Works)
➥ https://youtu.be/YT2aNZvsV3w

➥ https://youtu.be/YbeXTdG7_9g

07. How To Get Rid of Acne Scars & Hyperpigmentation
➥ https://youtu.be/vbLIXG2d2Bg

08. Easy Skincare Routine Guide for Acne Prone Skin
➥ https://youtu.be/ghbEeH10E4o

09. Best Sunscreens for Acne Prone Skin
➥ https://youtu.be/z60Z5_S6Lss

10. Best Moisturizers for Acne Prone Skin
➥ https://youtu.be/eOsCaScFiLk

11. Minimal Skincare Routine For Acne Prone Skin
➥ https://youtu.be/CxEq-UyCXAM

——- M U S I C ——-

Joey Pecoraro – Sour Sweets

——- D I S C L A I M E R ——-

This video is made in partnership with The Pond’s Institute scientists. The Pond’s Institute is a global network of over 700 scientists, which was formed to bring together years of skincare science and first-to-market innovative product formulas. All the facts were provided by Unilever Pond’s.

Please note that I’m not a doctor or qualified cosmetic chemist. I do my best to quote credible sources, but medical research is complex and I can’t guarantee the information on this channel is error-free. So feel free to do your own research according to your skin & health concern. I always welcome feedbacks to correct any misleading information. So please take this as entertainment and not as medical information.

I am not qualified to diagnose or provide professional advice regarding your skin concerns. I will do my best in educating the basics of skincare and to empower you to customize your regime and lifestyle according to your dermatological condition.

Some of the product links above include affiliate links. Using the affiliate links helps to support my work. So if you’ve found the information on my channel useful, this is a small way to support it. 🙂

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