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24 thoughts on “🍑 BIGGER BUTT ✨ forced subliminal {POWERFUL AFFIRMATIONS}

  1. As soon as this ended I felt a tingling sensation on the right side of my upper butt Jesus 😩 I’m wishing a big round and healthy booty on everyone who wants it! It’s already yours you just haven’t embraced it 🙂

  2. i have a big butt
    this is working
    i am getting fast results
    i have a thick butt and thighs
    my thighs are big and thick
    my hips are wide and rounder
    i love my thick and round hips
    my lower body is exactly how i desire
    i am quickly getting the exact results i want
    i love my thick lower body


    i have my desired upper body
    my waist is small and slim
    my waist is tiny
    i have a small and perfect ribcage
    my ribcage is so small
    my upper body is beautiful and perfect
    i love my slim upper body

  3. this music is on sum crazy shit👋🏼 that thang got intense
    Anywho i used this along with “The fat ass project” by eggtopia and oof it works (listened 3x)

  4. 1:41 no, being shy is not cool and much less cute! 🙁 it is not something to be proud of.
    shyness is being afraid of not being accepted, being very insecure, not being able to relate to others, difficulty making friends and others… you feel sick and anxious when you are with other people. stop romanticizing shyness, please! peoples are like "oh I want a shy girlfriend" but then when you really meet a shy person you don't know how to comfort her.

  5. Getting ready for Hot girl summer!
    my goals
    45 inch butt 40 rn!
    30 inch hips 26 rn!
    My results
    Day 1: my stomic felt very flat and my Butt felt tingling and started to look JUCY especially in those leggings <3 (3 times)

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