⚖️ How To Lose Weight With Sleep Apnea – Treatment First! Then Weight Loss.

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49 thoughts on “⚖️ How To Lose Weight With Sleep Apnea – Treatment First! Then Weight Loss.

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  2. ive had it all my life. just found out. the last 4 years ive gained 50 pounds. still worked two jobs and construction every day. only eating once a day. i hope when i get my machine things change

  3. When I got tested they said I have such bad insomnia that I didn’t actually get to the point where sleep apnea would be detectable. I just couldn’t fall asleep cause I was so weirded out by all the wires and being observed. Doctor said because of my huge neck and head I almost certainly have apnea though.

  4. Thanks for the information. I wanna ask one thing again sir, if we sleep and our mouth open up in the night .. the morning we feel dry mouth.. is that just the same case if we sleep without cpap? I Mean the machine becomes useless if the mouth got open? Or is it still works? Thanks

  5. along with sleep apnea, i also have chronic insomnia and small-fiber polyneuropathy caused by sarcoidosis.
    when you only sleep a couple hours a night its even harder to lose weight
    but I have lost 80 pounds in two years by going very low carb. nothing has changed and I had to go up on my cpap pressure and up on my diabetes meds even though my doctors claimed that by losing weight i would need less diabetes meds and would breathe better. These are the same doctor that one time claimed i had fibromyalgia that turned out to be sarcoidosis associated small-fiber polyneuropathy,
    They also want me to go for Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for my insomnia even though it never worked for the fibromyalgia that i never really had. this is what happens when you have a bunch of medical specialists that don't read your medical records or talk to each other.

  6. if you are using a CPAP machine properly you will be getting regular sleep. I have an AHI of 68 and with my machine its less than 2 apneas per hour. so once you are getting good sleep your body isn't stressed or producing cortisol. In February 2021 I was 306 pounds and I started working out and eating properly and as of today July 14 2021 I am 245 pounds, that's 61 pounds. weight loss is simple math of calories, if you burn more than you consume you lose weight its not hard. what is hard is the decision to start the hard part, the hard work and making healthy choices. I wish you all the best luck

  7. I have been using my CPAP for 10 years.
    I love this thing, I bought a refurbished one for backup, I never want to be without one.
    I also take bp meds, I started going into AFib from low potassium.
    After twenty years on the meds they said oops, you should have had potassium supplement also.
    I'm just putting this out there because we all have issues from sleep apnea and need to understand how it effects so much more of our health.
    I also started taking magnesium supplements and feel much better , I can actually stay awake all day now.
    Be proactive in your with your health and don't count on the doctors to always be paying close attention to the numbers.
    Remember, if they make a mistake you have to live with the results of the mistake, not them.

  8. Being a little overweight definitely contributes to sleep apnea and snoring, but in my case I’ve always had it even when my weight was WAY down. For my it’s just the physical makeup of my airway. I’ll be using a CPAP machine for the rest of my life, but at least it’s made it possible for my wife and me to sleep in the same bed. Without it nobody could be in the same room.

  9. I’ve been on CPAP for over 5 years! When I started I weighed 220 and now I’m 280! I have been religious about using my machine since day one but honestly can’t say that it makes me feel better! I sleep better but still wake up tired! My sleep test said I stop breathing 60+ times a hour and my DreamStation is set on 11! I have stopped using my machine because of the impending possibility of cancer etc. on my 4th night without it and it is hell! Since starting the machine I have recently been diagnosed with COPD and now wondering if the machine caused it! I am sick with worry! Damned if you do and damned if you don’t! I’m tired!

  10. I lost 125 pounds and my sleep apnea worsened a year later; diagnosed with an enlarged heart as a result. CPAP has got me off the beta blockers In as little as three months and very few episodes of Arrhythmia. However, I’m beginning to gain weight. 🤨

  11. Makes a lot of sense. I've been on the keto diet for 4 months and have lost 7 pounds and have plateaued. My friend and family tell me I have horrible sleep apnea.

  12. No one dies peacefully in their sleep,its a myth,we stop breathing,and just forget to breath again,so your found dead in bed,but no oxygen,heart stops,organs shut down then,heart attack occurs,its never killed a single person in history,but as your asleep,having a heart attack,you go into cardiac arrest,that is the fatal part,1 in 10 survive out of cardiac arrest.

  13. I lost 30 lbs during the pandemic despite having untreated sleep apnea because I cannot handle having any mask on me while I sleep. I’ve been stuck at 273-276 for months now despite exercise and cutting calories. This video isn’t what I wanted to hear, but the truth hurts. I’ll be bringing my resmed out of storage tonight…

  14. I have central Sleep Apnea after getting my lungs burned in an accident. looks like next month I switch from oxygen to a cpap/bipap deal… weight gain was explained so well here. I have worked so hard to drop weight and no matter what I did or my doctors did, nothing was working. frustrating. as I am only 5ft tall. when you said "your body is stressed" and wont let go of it… makes me feel SOOOOO much better. Doc did say that I MAY be able to drop the pounds once my body is really able to sleep again. This video really was a help to me today.. I thank you for posting it. I hope the game went well for you too!

  15. This was very interesting but more "why you gain weight with sleep apnea" than "how to lose weight". Or maybe I just missed the tip shrug Good luck with your channel name drama. Fight those corporate bullies!

  16. I don't have a diagnosis, but I'm getting scared that I have sleep Apnea due to my fitness tracker telling me for the past month that my oxygen levels have been really high when I sleep. Plus I'm finding my sleep to be terrible and being tired during the day. And my family has a history of sleep Apnea which was one of causes why my uncle to need to need a heart transplant. 😫 I'm only 25, I don't want be living like this! I've been on a weight loss journey for a year now..

  17. Thank you , thanks a million for explaining what i didn't understand why i was having issues loosing weight ,just diagnosed with sleep apnea , now i can start feeling better with the CPAP machine and excersizing with a diet , thank you so much, good job

  18. I've been treating my apnea for 5+ years now – events. However I still suffer from immense fatigue despite doctors say the therapy is working excellent. My research suggests that for a small percentage of treated apnea cases – fatigue is an issue, and they're not sure why. I was recently prescribed Auro-Modafinil and it makes a remarkable difference in my quality of life, but I don't want to be taking it forever.

    Is the fatigue component something you've encountered or have experience with?

  19. I'm extremely under weight and I have terrible sleep apnea so people who say this don't understand there are other causes of sleep apnea than being over weight

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  22. It still blows my mind how things like energy levels and sex drive come back once after a short while of continue use of cpap… I’m shocked how great I feel since using this

  23. You are so right ? I saw another video where they explained there are 3 main things to losing weight, Eat right, Exercise and Sleep. If you miss one of these things, it won't work ?

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